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An Enemy You Can Control

STRESSED-OUTYour mind is buzzing; your heart is racing and you are feeling frazzled and anxious!

Come on, you know what I am talking about right? These are some of the less serious symptoms of STRESS.  And I am sure you have experienced this at some point, maybe even on a daily basis.  Am I right?

We think we know what is causing this stress-filled moment in our lives and we can usually find someone or something to blame it on, such as, the spouse who never listens to you, the kids that are disobedient and rebellious, the coworkers who make your life crazy, the  pain that seems to be a constant, the money you are always chasing or the time which you never seem to have enough of.

These things look like the cause of your stress, however, what if I told you that stress is very seldom ever caused in the moment?

I can show you that stress is an accumulation of many bad choices which finally catch up with you. Let’s break this down into bite-sized chunks to show you what I am talking about and how you can gain control of this enemy called stress.

  • Pain or Disease
    1. Do you have control over the food you choose to put in your body?  YES
    2. Do you have a choice on how active or inactive your body is?  YES
    3. Do you have control over what you put into mind by what you choose to read, watch or listen too? YES

So if we put garbage in, we are going to get garbage coming out (aka – poor health, low energy and bad attitudes). Even though we can’t control or prevent all things that can happen to our health, we can take care of our bodies to the best of our ability and therefore, change how we experience it which ultimately leads to lower stress.

  • Financial Worries
    1. Do you have a choice with how you spend your money most of the time?
    2. Do you have any control over the amount of money you earn?

So much to your dismay, the answer to both of these is YES. Let me explain. You always can decide on how often you eat out, how many new tools or pairs of shoes you buy or what goes into your shopping cart. If you cut down on money wasted on wants instead of needs, you will lower you financial stress.  You can also decide to increase your skills which would increase your value in the marketplace, therefore, helping you to earn more money, no matter if you work for someone else or run your own business.

  • Relationship Stress
    1. Can you choose how you respond to the both positive & negative people in your life? Oh YES you can!

You can learn how to communicate better with all types of people, therefore, improving the interactions you have with them and reducing your overall stress. This is a whole other post for another day 🙂 but I just wanted you to know if is possible no matter how hard they can be to deal with.

  • Time Challenges
    1. Can you decide how much time you spend channel or web surfing? YES
    2. Can you choose how many things you will say yes to? YES

You have more control over your time than you think you do, however, it is just getting your priorities straight and utilizing the time you have  in a way that helps instead of hinders. Again more to come later on this.

As you can see, there is a whole host of things you can control in your day to day life that will help to reduce those stressful “events” from occurring as often.  And for all the things you can’t control, I always recommend asking Jesus for strength, help and guidance (He’s never let me down yet).

Until next time,
Bloom where you are planted! 🙂

In great faith,


I’m Going Hungry!

hungry-child-1Have you ever gone to bed hungry; you know, like your stomach growling so loud you feel like it might rattle your windows?

That’s not really the norm for many of us as we are blessed to have food, shelter and even many luxuries daily.

Have you ever thought about the ones who have nothing; no home of their own, no fridge filled with goodies, never knowing when or where their next meal will come from? Or what about the people fleeing from war-torn countries or natural disasters with only the clothes on their backs?  Have you ever wondered who takes care of these people?

To be honest, I never really thought much of these things either until about a year ago when God broke my heart for the poor and the weary. Within this last year, God has touched my heart and impressed my mind to really do all that I can to help the poor, the hurting, the widow and the orphan.

My most recent project is to take on the ADRA Rationmeal challenge, where I will eat only 3 rationmeal bars for an entire day to help raise money to help support the efforts of those supplying a food source to those who are unable to get any other types of food, such as, refugees and those surviving natural disasters.

On Oct 13, 2015 I will take part in this nationwide challenge and I ask that if you are wanting to help stop end hunger and to make a real difference in the lives of someone less fortunate, here is your chance.

Click here to learn more.

Thank you for helping me help them!! Your generosity will be appreciated by so many.

In great faith,