Do financial issues cause you stress?

Are you drowning in debt? Does the money always seem to run out before the month does? If there is extra money, do you worry about what to do with it?

Money is a strange thing for most people; you are either chasing it or hoarding it and in either case the money is controlling you and that can never lead to feeling energetic and lively. It is a recipe for disaster.

What if there was a better way?

What if you could be in control of your money, therefore, also controlling your time and energy? That would be a better way to live, do you agree?

So how can I help you?

War On Debt1)  FREE “War On Debt” classes –  (either locally or online depending on the need). War On Debt is not my program, however, Dani Johnston has given me permission to hold these free classes with her program since she knows how beneficial this type of accountability is and the power of working in a group setting.


  •  “We start using War on Debt in September 2013. Immediately we took action and have been aggressively been attacking our debt and becoming good stewards over our finances. Well as of May 1, 2015 we paid off $ 147,410.48 of debt in 18 months. We are completely CONSUMER/CAR DEBT FREE (Mortgages left only), restoring relationships, growing our Home Based Business, traveling all over the world,” ~ Caroline Thompson
  • “We found $800/month in excess spending and paid off $22,000 of debt in 6 months” ~Jamie and Shawn Schepple
  • “I found $210/month in excess spending and I paid off $1,800 in credit card debt in 3 months ~ Andrea Clark

** Send me a message or call me if you are interested in taking this FREE 4 week War on Debt class. New classes will be starting soon.

giving2) Giving back –  Some people want to give back and have no idea where to start. I was this person once. I knew there was so much need out there and yet I was overwhelmed by who to give to, however, now I have found some amazing groups that are truly making a difference for the poor both locally and overseas. These are some of the groups I trust and give to regularly. Click on the links below to she if this is a match for you.

success3) Increase Your Income –  If you repeatedly experience more month than money, and think that an extra $2000 – $3000/month could help you live life with more ease, then I can show you a proven path to run on to make that a reality in your life this month. Use the contact form below or leave a message at   1-877-308-9595  to find out if this is a mutual fit.


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