Living Free

Did You Know……

  • When bad habits become addictions, subtle changes take place in the brain.
  • Bad habits and addictions can involve food, behaviors and activities as well as drugs.
  • Behavioral addictions such as pornography, internet, television, gambling or work causes changes in the brain similar to drug addiction.
  • The human brain is amazingly adaptive and responds to positive changes with amazing speed.
  • Old habits do not need to control you for the rest of your life.
  • Simple but powerful lifestyle interventions can break bad habits, curb cravings and cut the cords of addiction whatever the addiction is.

Living Free….

Shows you how bad habits and addictions develop, and gives you practical guidelines on how to overcome addictions, create a positive mental, spiritual  and physical environment and change your life…..for good!

Brought to you by the team at

  1. Vicki Griffin – MPA, MACN (Research Director, Author)
  2. Paul Musson – MD, Internal Medicine Addictionist
  3. Karen Allen – RN, PhD, Substance Abuse Addictions, Author
  4. Evelyn Kissinger – MS, RD, IBCLC (Nutrition Director, Author)

This 6 week workshop, facilitated by Melanie Kinch, is  where we meet once a week to learn  proven strategies to help free you from habits that hurt.

What will you learn:
  • How habits and addictions change brain chemistry and contribute to continued bad behaviors.
  • How healing from addictions is possible.
  • Simple & powerful strategies that can help you break free from the enslaving habits.
  • How to empower your life, enrich your environment and enjoy new ways of thinking and living that not only get you free, but  help you to stay free.
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Early 2017 – check back for specific dates